Francisco Javier Garrido

General Manager

Altadireccion Digital

Our purpose is to help our clients leverage and consolidate scoring reports and strategic redesign aimed at adapting their business model for the XXI century societies With the help of our experts, storage in secure systems with CRM support, finance learning and active multiplatform registries, we can achieve a foundation where active scoring and tailored supervision allow an optimized quality assurance with Alta Dirección Digital.

Our guidance model is based in Alta Direccion Capital’s seventeen years of experience contributing to the search of stable financing and leverage for mid-cap and big companies likewise, based both locally and abroad.

In the XXI century, intelligent systems aimed at solving debt structuring based on machine learning, big data and high scoring, assume both a competitive market, and a reach to all customers, sizes, complexities and regions around the world. Which Alta Dirección Digital has the capability of orienting and solving in the time frame and assurance distinctive of the global market industry.

Alta Dirección Capital counts on Its team of experts with more than 30 years of experience in banking, finance and insurance whom contribute an abundance in knowledge on the fields of credit risk and critical risk variables that, by working together, can aim at accomplishing both your company’s and your personal asset’s strategical objectives in a competitive and changing market.