25, July 2019

ESE Business School of the Universidad de los Andes and AltaDirección Capital invited to the talk



Any construction of a website requires the use of the best tools so that its contents are managed correctly, agile and friendly. In that context, nothing better than having an ideal Content Management System (CMS – Content Management System), to provide its visitors with not only the best information, but also the most attractive presentation.

A lot of water has run under the bridge of advertising so that the high value of advertising illustration as a means of connection with the public is not clear. Since the first commercial was published in 1704 and Volney B. Palmer established the first advertising agency in the United States in 1884, the idea of ​​how we reached the public has been the obsession of brands, and the most used marketing tool of global form In this objective of continuous approach, the illustration – or the range of graphic representations of an advertising nature destined to present a product in a creative way – functions without any doubt of an exclusive role.

24, June 2020

Cristián Cerna – Editorial Pulso: La importancia de la conectividad.

9, April 2020

Cristián Cerna y Roberto Darrigrandi – Editorial Pulso: Liquidez, el activo más preciado.

3, April 2020

Presentamos nuestra empresa Altadirección Capital

20, February 2020

Cristián Cerna – Editorial Pulso: Se viene marzo, ¿marchas o violencia?