25, July 2019

Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and Altadirección Capital invited to the talk



In the framework of the start of activities of the Interdisciplinary Observatory of Applied Strategy for the Circle of Altadirección, the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile together with Altadirección Capital invited, on June 26, businessmen and clients of the firm, which has a presence in Chile, Peru and Colombia, to the conference “When to change or how to change”. The talk, held at Club El Golf 50, was attended by Dr. Francisco Javier Garrido, a member of the Royal European Academy of Doctors of Spain, who analyzed the growth of companies and how they should evolve, at certain times, to achieve a sustainable business model.

24, June 2020

Cristián Cerna – Editorial Pulso: La importancia de la conectividad.

9, April 2020

Cristián Cerna y Roberto Darrigrandi – Editorial Pulso: Liquidez, el activo más preciado.

3, April 2020

Presentamos nuestra empresa Altadirección Capital

20, February 2020

Cristián Cerna – Editorial Pulso: Se viene marzo, ¿marchas o violencia?